montly items 2010

Monthly Items

Monthly Items, also known as MIs, are newly released items every month, that can be bought in the Ancient Temple for two platinums. New ones come out every month while the previous ones go away. MIs are often sold on the Marketplace forum.

Past MIs


October 2010 - Fall and Diving Set

September 2010 - Centaur and Greek Grapes

August 2010 - Life and Death and Pirate

July 2010 - Jazz Spirits and Star Bunny

June 2010- Royal Treasures and Sari Wedding

May 2010- Cherry Blossom and Royal Armor

April 2010- Space Time and Infernal Attire

March 2010- Camoflauge and Chinese New Year

February 2010- Crimson Ninja and Steampunk Eagle

January 2010- Capricorn and Crimson Moon




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